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Decision Making
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Interactive Group Decision Support

The dynamics of any meeting or training session may differ, but one thing remains true: it's difficult to get full participation and full productivity from all participants.  When decisions must be made, prioritization and reaching consensus can be time consuming and frustrating. 

To help your organization make the most of valuable time and personnel, Total Consulting uses an electronic group decision-support tool. The system utilizes group polling software, audience response keypads, and process facilitation to provide immediate and anonymous feedback involving all members of the audience. This process gives participants the ability to see their level of consensus, quickly prioritize issues, and anonymously generate feedback about proposed actions.

Use of this tool rapidly brings participants to an agreed upon decision.  Their agreement brings with it individual and group commitment to moving ahead in a common direction.

The ideal group size ranges from 12 to 25 people, but can be used effectively by a group of 60 plus. By pressing a number key on the voting keypad, the participant can cast an anonymous vote for his or her highest priority. The vote is instantly counted and displayed, in chart, graph, or table format.

The actual design of session depends on the objective of the group, but there are some common characteristics. In most cases, issues, ideas, or opinions are elicited from the group on a particular topic or problem. The participants may engage in group or individual exercises to clarify their results. When the participants have developed a common understanding of the results we are able to move to the electronic process. The participants anonymously and individually vote on the central factors or issues involved in the session. Interactive Group Decision Making is a flexible and enjoyable process; it feels like being in the audience on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Participants and Leaders are rewarded for their efforts with instant results.

Uses of Interactive Group Decision Making

bulletTask or Expenditure Prioritization
bulletDetermining High Impact Strategic Directions
bulletSelect between alternative options

Key Benefits

bulletEffective use of time
bulletBroad support for decisions
bulletAbility to make decisions using weighted criteria


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