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Coaching Leader/Manager Quality Stress Relief Train the Trainer


Statistical Process Control

The training will review specific requirements of Statistical Process control and improvement and how it applies to all product and processes.  Participants will learn how charts are made and how to use them to determine appropriate changes to processes.


             I.      Opening and Introductions

          II.      The Basics of Quality Improvement

       III.      Variation

      IV.      Processes and Systems – The Scientific Approach

a.     Pareto Principle / Chart

b.    Flowchart

c.     Work-flow Diagram

d.    Cause-and-Effect Diagram

e.    Time Plot

f.       Dot Plot and Scatter Diagram

g.    Control Chart

h.     Creating a Control Chart (x-r)

                                                              i.      Analyzing a Control Chart

                                                            ii.      In Control vs Out of Control

                                                          iii.      Headed for problems (trend, run, etc.)

         V.      SPC based Decision Making


Root Cause / Problem Resolution

Utilizing the five-step approach to finding the root cause and solving problems.


       I.      Opening and Introductions

    II.      General description of 5-step problem solving process and the activities for each step

 III.      Step 1 - Use a Problem Definition Matrix to define a problem

IV.      Step 2 - Identify the root cause/s of a problem

a.     Collect Data

b.    5 Why’s

c.     Fishbone Diagram

d.    Flow Charts

e.    Pareto Chart

f.       Actual Problem Identify Root Cause

   V.      Step 3 - Use the identified root cause/s to generate possible solutions

a.     Brainstorming

b.    Actual Problem Develop Possible Solutions

VI.      Step 4 - Test and implement a solution

VII.      Step 5 – Make solution permanent

VIII.      Course Wrap-up - Develop an Action Plan to define a problem, identify the root cause, generate a solution, test and implement the solution